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MTruck is a Tech-enabled truck aggregator in Delhi NCR, trusted by enterprises for premium customer experience, competitive prices, and professional service

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We help SMEs and Corporates reduce their Logistics cost

Registered Truck Drivers

Customers Served

30 Minutes
Guaranteed Truck Allotment

Why Choose MTruck ?

1.Verified & Professional Drivers

  • No truck older than 8 years
  • Each driver screened on 10 parameters before registration
  • Each driver trained for good behaviour

2. Fair & Transparent Pricing

  • Price generated automatically
  • No Hidden Fees
  • All Tax and Tolls included in the price

3. Hassle-Free Fast Delivery

  • No hassle of immediate cash payment to the driver
  • Guaranteed driver allotment within 30 minutes
  • Variety of trucks available

4.Full Control over Pickup & Delivery Dates

  • The hubless model enables predictable truck arrival
  • Both FTL and PTL only loaded/unloaded once
  • Daily bookings MIS provides current rides data

5.Superior Customer Service

  • Effective order tracking via SMS and dashboard
  • Single point of contact for every customer
  • Multiple booking ways

MTruck for Corporates/Enterprise

  • Bookings through Web Dashboard
  • Both P2P and Fix Truck services available
  • Daily Bookings invoice & PODs shared on email

MTruck for Small Business/Traders

  • Booking through MTruck customer App
  • Small Trucks available for smaller loads
  • Competitive Pricing

MTruck for Government Enterprises

  • Bookings through dedicated Key account manager
  • Online Booking management module
  • Multiple pickup locations & wide reach
How It Works ?

Feed your booking request in the online booking module

Accept the automatically generated price to get truck details

Access all your invoices and PODs at one place

Make easy payments through your web dashboard

Brands that Trust Us

We take pride in helping multiple brands simplify their truck booking

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses

An all-in-one delivery solution for all your logistics needs

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