5 Benefits of Booking Truck from an Online Truck Booking Service


Sending your materials from one place to another has taken a different turn!

Thanks to truck booking apps that have made transportation of materials a safe and hassle-free affair!

Truck bookings apps are easy to use and are increasingly being used in the transportation industry owing to their numerous benefits which are missing in the traditional way of booking a truck. Unlike the traditional truck booking where truck hiring is quite a bit chaotic thing, an online truck booking is a seamless affair.

Let’s check out the benefits of booking truck from an online truck booking service below:-

1. Competitive rates

Using a truck booking app can be highly beneficial for an individual as he can avail of competitive rates from the transporters. These apps let customers access the service of numerous transporters available and choose the one who is offering fair prices to them. In addition to them, they can also avail of many discounts that are being offered through these apps.

2. Easy to Use & Time Saving

Hiring a truck online is as simple as a child’s play!

You just need to go through the instructions to use the app and that’s it. No complexities involved here! Anyone can book a truck through the app by entering the pick-up location and the destination location. Plus, sending materials through an online truck booking platform is also time-saving as the truck driver is aware of the location due to the GPS feature of the app and does not have to roam here and there aimlessly.

3. Easy Access to Transportation Records

Another benefit of using an online truck booking app is that one can easily track his transportation history such as booking history, consignment history, dates as well as other important details. So, he is not required to maintain a file to store these records. The customer can check his account by logging in it.

4. No need for intermediaries

The ones who are looking for truck rental or tempo booking can now hire trucks without contacting any broker or agent in between. They can directly login to the truck app and choose the truck they want for them as per their material loading requirements.

5. Live Tracking

One of the most important benefits of online truck booking apps is that the customers can track their trucks anytime and know as to how much time they will take for the delivery. This feature brings transparency to the customer which is not possible in the traditional truck booking.


Many truck booking apps are popular today and have brought a positive change in the transportation and logistics sector. In the future, more and more people will rely on truck booking apps to hire truck booking or tempo booking such as Tata Ace, TATA 407, Champion, EECO, etc.

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