How Mtruck Contributing to the Indian Economy During Lockdown


If there is one sector of the Indian economy that has been gravely impacted in the times of Coronavirus, it is the transportation sector. With complete lockdown in the country for more than a month now, there is a remarkable decline in the production and consumption activities along with the transfer of goods from one place to another.

But to stop is not the spirit of Mtruck. We are constantly on the move because we know that in the difficult times the nation and our people need us the most.

We understand that during these times of difficulty and uncertainty, we have to do what we can to make a real difference in society. We are working in real-time to provide safety to our employees, serve society by attending to its urgent needs, support our customers, making our business sustainable, and hence contributing to the Indian economy. 

We are working fully during this lockdown and are constantly devoted to carrying out a supply of medicines and other essential goods all over India. 

COVID19 and our response

The people who are continually fighting against COVID-19 even under lockdown are our healthcare frontline fighter. Without fearing for their own life, the doctors, nurses, and healthcare agency staff are putting the nation first during such difficult times. The fight gets even strong when they find themselves continually struggling to acquire the right supplies delivered to them regularly and on time. 

Mtruck has geared up to successfully handle this crisis. In this period of difficulty, we have switched our role from being the leading transporters in Delhi NCR to becoming the suppliers of medical equipment to fight the deadly virus.

Digital Approach

The website and mobile application of Mtruck are well equipped to take online bookings, making way for contact less business. The online mechanism helps the customer to make bookings easily and instantly. The 24/7 tracking services  process helps them to know the location of their delivery whenever they want to.

The website and mobile application are equally beneficial for our drivers as well. All our drivers are using the our application through which they can accept booking online trucks in Corona lockdown easily. 

Due to lockdown, our driver-partners are not in any pressure to work right now. Mtruck providing them work via the online truck booking platform on the mobile app. Our drivers can check the nearby real-time load and can accept and book the load. Also, we are providing the payment 100 percent in advance to all our driver-partners.

Working from home

All our employees are working remotely without letting the operations of Mtruck get affected in any way. We are committed to the safety of our team which is swiftly c the operations and is constantly in touch with clients via digital communication channels, such as email, WhatsApp, and live chat.

We understand that our drivers are the backbone of our business and thus our staff is in regular communication with them. 

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